Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Indian Diamond (my First Digital Painting ; ) )

Hi Everyone,
Time for my next post. Until I made my own blog, I didn’t realize how effective a means it is reach out to so many people. That’s the same reason that blogging is so addictive. A good addiction in my case.
With this post I am bringing to life one of my long time wishes in life. Painting….
The last time that I remember to have painted was when I was in school. After that I never drew anything. But the wish never really died in me. 
In the past some time (after realizing that 3d modelling is what I would finally do) this desire took a more advanced twist. I started aspiring for Digital Painting. This time I did not give up my pursuit ad started searching the internet for some nice, inspiring subjects to paint digitally. That’s when I came across this amazing photograph of a village girl’s close-up shot. On further researching that photo I found that it was taken by a immensely gifted photographer called Mitchell Kanashkevich. 
  This is my first attempt on digital painting. Therefore it would be great if you would share your suggestions and guide me in improving my skills further. Thanks. Here it comes…